Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Beginnings of Wine and Cheese

Who is this handsome young man? My Dad, of course. Pa, remember this photo, we took it almost a year ago at Duck Pond winery tour when you were visiting us? I absolutely love this photo.

Bought the following bottle of wine for $23 last night. How is this bottle different from the $2.99 a bottle of "Charles Shaw" from Trader's Joes? I would splurge a bottle of expensive wine once in a while. However, for daily drinking for health purposes, I will still continue with my $2.99 a bottle. A word of warning: not all cheap wines are drinkable. I tried "La Boca" once, it tasted so bad that I could not even swallow it.

I don't think just one posting can cover all the know-hows. However, to start, last night, I learnt that the correct way of holding the wine glass is on the stem. That will ensure the heat of the palm does not transfer to the wine and thus affecting the wine tasting. So, Pa, you are holding it incorrectly!

This cheese was actually quite delicious. Perhaps it is because I did not have my dinner last night. Even plain french bread tasted good.

So, I also learnt that the rinds on the cheese can be eaten. At least the rind on this small piece of cheese. However, it is NOT recommended to eat the rinds on those big barrel of cheese because these barrel of cheeses roll on the floor.

OK, I need some help on photography again. Does anyone know how come this cheese photo is so dark looking?


fried-tomato said...

Could it be the lighting in that place? If your camera have a manual mode (M) or a programmable mode (P) trying the increasing the light exposure, it is a good way to get your photo brighter without needing flash.

i have tried taking picture at night market, without using the flash and the photo as though like it is taken in the evening.

Lee Ping said...

I should check that out. Thanks for the tip, fried tomato!

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